What’s been Going on

To be honest, I have kind of reached a block in writing blog post and I have been doing this for what 2 weeks.  As I was scrolling through all the other wonderful blogs that I follow, I found that a lot of people do like a “whats going on in my life” kind of thing so I decided to try it out. (I’ve kind of mixed like three different types to make this one so I don’t know how well it’s going to turn out)

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How the Make it the Best Solo Valentines Day Ever

It’s Valentines Day!!!  The people who happily found their Valentine are cheering wildly and all the loners are standing quietly in the corner, letting the happy Valentiners have their moment.  Well not anymore.  All you Valentineless people out there don’t have to worry any longer.  I have compiled a list of things of things for you to enjoy on this love filled holiday.

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Hobby Searching–Photography

So I have been looking for new things to do with my time.  Finding a hobby if you will.  One thing I felt like I would find enjoyable was photography.  Taking pictures and capturing a small piece of time in this life I am living just sounds so amazing to me.  Now, I am no where near good at taking pictures, nor do I really know how to take good pictures, but I had a chance to take a few and possibly start a new adventure.

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Following Through and Failure–February’s Goals

One of my goals I wanted to accomplish throughout the month of February was to spend one day a week internet free.  I chose yesterday(Sunday) to be the day where I wouldn’t spend all day looking at some form of a screen.  Well, I was going strong for about 4 hours and after that, things just went down hill. Continue reading “Following Through and Failure–February’s Goals”

Hobby Searching

I am looking for a new hobby to take up.  I am getting to that time of the year where I am slowly becoming less busy with urgent things that have to be done the second I found out about it.  I need something to do with my time and I haven’t quite figured out quite what it is yet.  I have a few ideas, and who know, I may just end up taking on all of these things, or nothing at all, we’ll just have to see.

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The Real Words

So this is what I did last night, I wrote 300 words of absolute blabber.  I pulled up a document and I just typed, I typed whatever came to mind first.  It was so refreshing, it felt like my body just relaxed.  Nothing was forced, I wasn’t trying to perfect every little word(i didn’t use the back space once, huge accomplishment ).  I just kept typing and typing until I couldn’t anymore and I realized that this is what everything should be like.  I shouldn’t force anything that isn’t there and I sure as hell shouldn’t  try to perfect the things that are already there.  I am a human being, I’m gonna make mistakes and I have to be okay with that. Life is messy and so imperfect that I can’t spend every second worrying about how to make it perfect. Continue reading “The Real Words”